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We invest the time and dedication in understanding client’s needs. For us, success is a placement that results in a contented family and a helper who enjoys long-term job fulfillment.


Are you looking for a domestic helper in Singapore? Or is your family in need of transfer maids? Look no further. Here at Best Housekeeper, we will help you find the most suitable maid for you and your family.

What sets our agency apart from other agencies is we invest time and dedication to understand your requirements. We then shortlist from our database of qualified and experienced maids based on your requirements. We also arrange interviews as we believe it will help both the employer and helper make a better choice.

For us, success is measured by how the family and the helper enjoy their long-term relationship. At Best Housekeeper, our primary goal is to ensure your home’s well-being and providing you with a well-trained Singapore transfer maid.

Transfer maids, as the name suggests, are maids who are hired directly from their current employer in Singapore. This means that employers would not need to pay the full fee which may consist of air tickets, entry test fee and administrative fee for work permit application, etc. Furthermore, the upside of hiring a transfer maid is that they are likely to be more or less accustomed to the work and lifestyle in Singapore.

While a way of seeking transfer domestic helpers is through the referral of relatives, friends, and co-workers, the process can be slow due to low availability. At Best Housekeeper, we want to make sure that your needs are quickly met by a suitable candidate.

Our Guarantee

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  • Free replacement for 1 year
  • Three Principles

    Our service is founded on three principles:

  • Understanding what the client’s needs are
  • Careful screening of candidates
  • Matching of client requirements and candidate capabilities
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