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Hiring a maid

In this day and age where everyone is working around the clock to climb up the corporate ladder, the household often gets neglected. A neglected household is a way towards unhappiness and stress.

Many are resorting to maids to help them keep their household together. From cleaning to preparing food and taking care of their kids, these maids play a crucial role in ensuring all is well in the household at all times.

As such, the process of choosing the maid should not be taken lightly. As someone who holds heavy responsibilities, the maid needs to blend with the way your household works. A mistake in judgement may result in your household going from bad to worse.

Hence, it is better to connect with the best maid agency in Singapore to hire your maid.

About Best Housekeeper

Best Housekeeper is the best maid agency in Singapore. We provide top class and highly skilled maids for fellow Singaporeans.

As the best maid agency in Singapore, we work based on three principles. We adhere strongly to these principles to ensure we remain the best maid agency in Singapore at all times.

Firstly, we understand your needs and requirements. Secondly, we thoroughly screen the candidates to ensure we only provide you with the best maid. Lastly, we find the perfect match for you.

Our thorough screening process is followed by interview session between the client and the potential maid. This is crucial to understand whether the client and the maid are compatible with each other.

Apart from that, we also provide free replacement for one year if you face any problems with your maid. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure we keep up with our reputation as the best maid agency in Singapore.

Client Testimonials

‘Joe was incredibly helpful from the moment we had correspondence. He answered all questions and queries promptly and really listened to what I was looking for! He genuinely wanted to make sure we found the right person! (This was the first time we had hired a helper and we had no idea what we were doing). You are so lucky to have such a dedicated employee, I would highly recommend him to anyone! Joe is an absolute gem!’ – Emma Thompson.

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