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About Best Housekeeper

Best Housekeeper is the best maid agency in Singapore. As the best maid agency in Singapore, we provide top class and highly skilled maids for fellow Singaporeans.

Our success as the best maid agency in Singapore is due to the fact that we strictly adhere to our principles at all times.

Our principles consist of three parts. Firstly, we understand your needs and requirements. Secondly, we thoroughly screen the candidates to ensure we only provide you with the best maid. Lastly, we find the perfect match for you.

Our thorough screening process is followed by interview session between the client and the potential maid. This is crucial to understand whether the client and the maid are compatible with each other.

Apart from that, we also provide a free replacement for one year if you face any problems with your maid. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure we keep up with our reputation as the best maid agency in Singapore.

Testimonials of clients

As the best maid agency in Singapore, we make sure our clients are very happy with our service. The satisfaction of our clients marks our excellence as the best maid agency in Singapore.

‘Huda got me a maid and replies my messages almost instantly. Got my maid under my roof probably less than 6 days! She followed my case so closely and even texted me outside of working hours. I don’t think I’m one of those who actually gives a perfect score but this girl deserves it. I think Best Housekeeper has found a gem!!!’- Ummu Ali.

‘Fast and better service. Any doubt asks them anytime as soon as possible give us good reply’ – Chandra Suriyan Venkatachalam.

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Since maids are a big part of the children’s growth, the family vacations, the celebrations, the ups and downs as well as a major part of the everyday life of everyone in the family, it is crucial to make the best decision before you confirm a maid.

A reliable and trustworthy maid does not just come along or you do not stumble upon one by chance. You need the help of a reliable and trustworthy maid agency and that is what we are here for.

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