5 Tips on Handling a New Helper

5 Tips on Handling a New Helper

So, you have decided to hire a new maid for your household. Now what? If you are employing a helper for the first time, you may feel nervous and unsure of what to do after you have brought your maid back home.

  1. Orientation

Having fetched your maid from the agency, it is important to start getting her adjusted to her new employment. Allow your new helper to settle into your home, giving her some free time to sort out her lodging and belongings. Show her around the house and let her have a basic understanding of where things are around your home. It is also good to introduce her to the other family members if they are at home. Once she has familiarized herself with your home, bring her out to the neighbouring areas, and to places such as supermarkets or stores where she will go running errands in the future. While it may be awkward at first, let your maid take her time to get settled into her new working and living environment.

  1. Communication

Communication between you and your maid is greatly essential especially during the initial stages of her employment. Set clear ground rules for your maid to adhere to when she is working under your household. Communicate your expectations to your maid (this should also be done when interviewing your prospective helper) before getting her started on her work. Ask for her expectations as well so as to establish a common agreement between the two of you. Whenever you are free, have a chat with your maid and try to get her to open u and share more about herself, such as her hobbies or family. More interaction can help your maid to feel more comfortable working in your home and enhance your employer-employee relationship.

  1. Schedule

Set up a regular schedule for your maid to refer to for household chores and tasks. Before she starts on her work, sit down with your helper and discuss your proposed schedule. Having a detailed scope for her duties, such as specified feeding time for your pet, can ensure that your maid will complete tasks according to your expectations and specifications. Do also make sure to include in proper resting times and day offs: give your maid ample time to rest so that she can better perform her roles the following days! Check that your helper is comfortable with her schedule before finalizing. If she has any issues with your suggested schedule, give her the chance to voice out so that the two of you can work out adjustments that can satisfy both parties together.

  1. Access

Providing your maid with access to a mobile or a house phone ensures that she will be able to contact you immediately whenever there are important or emergency situations. You may want to purchase a prepaid mobile plan for your helper, giving her limited but sufficient credits to make occasional calls. Allow her to connect to your home Wi-Fi network once trust has been established so that she can utilize the web on her free time as well. However, be sure to communicate to her rules on using her phone when you are setting household rules and regulations. Let her know if you are uncomfortable with her using her phone while working, or if she should only be on the phone during her breaks and resting time.

  1. Reward

When you feel that your maid is performing her duties well, giving her some form of reward can serve as encouragement for her to continue her good work. The reward can be in the form of extra monetary allowances, or others depending on your maid’s preference. Providing her with a reward, regardless of its value, can motivate your helper while letting her understand that her work is appreciated. A maid is more likely to perform better at her duties and work hard if she is happy and motivated by your occasional rewards.

It may be awkward and daunting when welcoming your new maid into your home for the first time, but with ample preparation and time, you can get your maid slowly acclimated to her new environment.

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