Are you looking to hire an experienced helper?

Currently, one in five Singapore households employ a helper. It is important to find the right helper who suits your family’s needs.

When it comes to choosing the right helper, you have to first consider if you prefer someone with experience or a fresh maid in Singapore. An experienced helper has prior experience either in Singapore or abroad as a helper and generally adapts quicker. Fresh helpers will require time for training and adapting. Experienced helpers command a higher salary than fresh helpers, and there are many benefits to having an experienced helper.

Experienced helpers generally have a better understanding of the job. For example, first time parents may find it very helpful to have a helper who has prior infant care experience. They have a wealth of knowledge and resources that can be of great value to the family.

Household Chores and Cleaning

Experienced helpers should already be familiar with the standard practices for cleaning and doing household chores in Singapore, making training relatively easy. However, since each household is different, it is important to provide a brief introduction and overview of the daily chores they will be expected to perform.

Preparing or Cooking Food

Experienced helpers, especially those who are currently working in Singapore (Transfer helper) or previously working in Singapore (Ex-Singapore helpers), will know how to prepare local food. It is important to remember that each family has its own unique cooking style and preferences. It may take a few days or even weeks for the helper to become accustomed. During this time, it is important to provide feedback to the helper so that they can better understand your taste and preferences. With time and patience, your helper will be able to make meals that suit your taste.

Travelling Around Singapore

It’s no surprise that experienced helpers, especially Transfer or Ex-Singapore helpers, know how to navigate their way around the city, making it easy to pick up kids from school, go to the market or grocery store, or bring elderly family members to the clinic or hospital.

Infant Care / Child Care

If you’re looking for someone to help you with infant care, an experienced helper in a maid agency is usually recommended, especially for working parents or first-time parents. With an experienced helper, you may be able to save on training. They can teach you some tips on taking care of your new-born. Additionally, they can provide insights that someone who is new to infant care may not be able to offer. With an experienced helper, you can be confident that they will make the transition to parenthood much easier.

Adapting to Singapore

Experienced helpers are generally much less likely to experience homesickness, as they have already developed a sense of familiarity with the work environment and have developed a network of friends. This is in contrast to fresh helpers, who may be feeling a sense of separation anxiety from their family back home. This makes the transition to work much easier for experienced helpers. As such, they can become valuable members of the family in a shorter amount of time compared to fresh helpers.

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