How to Choose the Right Helper?

Looking for the perfect domestic helper to look after your household while you are busy at work? Engaging someone to be responsible for your home may be intimidating and daunting, especially if you are hiring a helper for the first time. Here are some factors and tips for you to take note of to find your best match.

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Reason for Hiring

Having a clear understanding of why you need a domestic helper before you get started with the hiring process can help you to assess better and select your compatible helper. Be it taking care of children, or simply handling all the household chores, knowing your expectations and requirements right off the bat can ease the search process when flipping through dozens of helper profiles. Communicating these to your agency will also give them a greater insight into your hiring criteria and allow them to match you with suitable candidates better.

Credibility of Agency

When seeking to employ someone to take care of your entire household, enlisting the help of reputable and trust-worthy agencies is the key to ensuring a worry-free experience with your newly-employed helper. Make sure that the agency you decide on carries no hidden costs and operates legally following MOM regulations. Word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews may also serve as a helpful guide to finding a reliable agency.

Background of Helper

Before deciding on a particular helper, conduct a thorough check of her previous employment history and employers. Based on the profiles of her former employers, you can also assess her suitability with your household and whether she will be able to fulfil your needs and expectations, such as if you need her to care for the elderly, or young children. It is also important to look out for warning signs such as switching multiple employers within a short time span and check for the helper’s reason for leaving each employment. If possible, gather feedback from her previous employers to further verify her work performance and compatibility with your home situation.


During the interviews with your prospective helper, chat with her and get to know her personality and character. You can ask her about her hobbies, strengths, weaknesses and the like to see if she will be a good match to take care of your household. Keep a lookout for traits such as patience and tardiness that may be light indications of her work performance in the future. If you are looking for a helper to take care of young kids, it is important to find someone cheerful and able to engage with the kids.

Language and Culture

Engaging a helper who can speak decent English or your mother tongue can help to reduce the risks of miscommunications due to language barrier in the future. While they can learn your language over time, it is recommended to verify that you are at least able to converse with them using simple terms. Also, check on your prospective helper’s cultural background and dietary requirement. Contradicting diets may cause inconveniences especially if you are looking to get her help in meal preparations on a regular basis.

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