Is Having a Domestic Helper the Right Choice for You?

When feeling strained from juggling multiple household chores every single day, hiring an extra pair of hands to do the work seems like an attractive option. But, are you ready to welcome a maid into your life? Before you decide on your hire, there will undoubtedly be many factors that you want to carefully deliberate over. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when you are looking to employ a domestic helper:


Employing a domestic helper in Singapore is a common choice of many households, but it’s no easy decision. While a reliable maid can help you to look after your home during the times you are away, there is also the risk that your helper does not match up to your expectations. For those with newly-hired domestic helpers, it may be difficult to get to fully trust your maid, amid worries that your maid may turn on you someday. Past cases of domestic helpers committing thefts or being abusive towards children and elderly, and stories of maids from hell may make you extremely wary and cautious when it comes to deciding whether to hire a domestic helper.


Employing a domestic helper is essentially letting a stranger into your home. One may feel that their privacy is being intruded on especially when your helper is new and has not bonded with your household members. Homeowners who value their own private and personal spaces may not be receptive towards bringing long-term domestic helpers into their lives, though feelings of awkwardness can ease with time and interaction. If you wish to employ a domestic helper, keep in mind that you will need to bring an outside into your private space, and be prepared to experience some sense of unfamiliarity and unease with having a new face around in your home.


When choosing a maid to hire, there is a need to communicate your needs and expectations to your helper and ensure that both parties are in mutual agreement before any contract is signed. The differences in social and cultural backgrounds may indicate a risk of miscommunications and misunderstandings after your maid has moved into your home. While there is a need to enforce authority over your helper, do take note that keeping too tight a leash may build up feelings of resentment for your maid, causing issues later on. In the case where you maid turns out problematic and decides to not listen to nor follow your instructions, conflicts occur and cause stressful situations for you and your home. Throughout the employment period, keep an eye out for any potential clashes and disputes between you, your family members and your helper.


The costs of hiring a maid should definitely be a key factor to consider before you commit to engaging their service. Take note that you will need to be responsible for more than just your helper’s monthly salaries, and the total cost of hire may not be cheap. Agency fees, work permit costs, and insurance premiums are some of the expenses you must be prepared to fork out for once you have decided on your helper. Keep in mind that you will also need to provide for your helper’s food and lodging, and any medical bills that arise when your maid falls ill. Although employing domestic helpers may come as a great help for you and your home, the employment is costly, and you should evaluate if you are truly financially capable to hire one before taking the plunge


When trying to decide if you should employ a domestic helper, you should first take note of the reasons why you want a maid in your home. Many dual-income families welcome the idea of having a live-in helper to take care of the young and the old, as well as the entire house while both homeowners are busy at work. Before engaging a helper, try to re-evaluate your needs to make a more thought-out decision. Is it really necessary to have a maid in your home? Take time to consider if you truly need domestic help around your home and if the benefits of having a maid outweigh the costs of her employment.

Employing a domestic helper may seem intimidating and worrisome, however, having a maid around has its own perks and benefits (Take a look at Benefits of Having a Helper). Engaging the right agency for your domestic helper needs can aid in relieving your headaches and hesitations when it comes to hiring the perfect maid for your household. Best Housekeeper Singapore aims to match you with a helper who best suits your needs and expectations. As one of the trusted domestic agencies in Singapore, Best Housekeeper strives to assist you in every step of your hiring process, from evaluating candidates to dedicated follow-ups after a successful employment. With strict background checks and full disclosures of work histories, the agency seeks to only match you with reliable and trustworthy helpers for your home. Their emphasis on providing you with top-notch and reliable service will ensure that you leave the agency satisfied with your hire.

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