​​In the homes across Singapore, there’s an often unspoken bond that forms between families and their domestic helpers. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these maids bring more than just their skills to our homes; they bring stories, love, and dedication. Their presence becomes a cherished part of family life, whether through the laughter shared during meal preparations or the quiet understanding in managing daily chores. In this article, we delve into the profound impact of Singapore’s maids, the unsung heroes who make our homes more than just a place to live.

A Day in the Life of a Domestic Helper in Singapore – Celebrating Everyday Contributions

Imagine a day beginning before the sun peeks over the horizon. This is the daily routine of thousands of maids in Singapore. They are the first to rise, quietly setting the day in motion with their diligent work. Their tasks vary, from preparing breakfast to getting children ready for school, but what remains constant is their unwavering dedication.

As the household begins to stir, these domestic helpers are already well into their routine. They meticulously plan the day’s meals, ensuring that every family member’s dietary preferences and nutritional needs are met. In between, they juggle laundry, cleaning, and perhaps a quick shopping trip to the local market for fresh ingredients. Their expertise in managing the kitchen becomes an essential cog in the smooth running of the household.

In homes with elderly residents or young children, their role transcends that of a mere housekeeper. They become caregivers, patiently tending to the needs of older adults with kindness and understanding, or nurturing the young ones with a gentle yet firm hand. Their presence offers peace of mind to working parents, who know that their loved ones are in capable and caring hands.

As the evening settles in, they prepare dinner, bringing the family together with their culinary creations. These meals are not just about sustenance but are a testament to the maids’ ability to weave their cultural heritage into the family’s dining experience. Post-dinner, they tidy up, ensuring the kitchen and dining area are clean and ready for the next day.

Before the day ends, they might have a brief moment to connect with their own families, often miles away, via a phone call or a message. This brief window into their personal lives reminds us of the sacrifices they make, being away from their loved ones to support and care for others.

Cultural Ambassadors – Bringing Worlds Together

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Maids in Singapore, hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds – Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and more – are not just employees; they are cultural ambassadors. At the end of December 2022, there were 258,500 migrant domestic workers in Singapore, making up 18.8% of the foreign workforce, as reported by the Ministry of Manpower. This significant presence underscores these women’s vital role in Singaporean households, not only in their labour but in bringing a rich cultural diversity.

These domestic helpers often introduce new cuisines, languages, and customs, offering Singaporean families a window into different cultures. For instance, Ms. Somejo from the Philippines became an essential part of her employer’s family traditions by mastering Chinese cooking. Her ability to infuse her culinary skills into the family’s meals highlights the cultural exchange in these homes. Similarly, Naw Wah Wah from Myanmar, bridged a language gap with her employer, a former English teacher, forming a bond that transcends mere employment.

The rise in the number of domestic helpers post-COVID-19, exceeding even the total figure in 2019, signifies their growing importance in Singaporean society. Among the foreign workforce, only the semiskilled workers in sectors like construction and manufacturing outnumber domestic helpers. These women, coming from approved source countries and regions, must meet specific criteria, such as age and education, showcasing the regulated nature of this profession.

Their day-to-day life involves more than just household chores. They engage in cultural exchange, sharing stories from their homelands, and often, picking up new languages and dialects from their employers. This mutual learning experience enriches both parties, creating a unique blend of cultures under one roof. Furthermore, these domestic helpers often celebrate festivals and traditions from their home countries with the families they work for, adding to the multicultural tapestry of Singaporean society.

Triumphs and Achievements of Domestic Helpers in Singapore

The stories of domestic helpers in Singapore are not just accounts of work and service, but narratives of deep emotional bonds and achievements. These relationships often transcend the usual employer-employee dynamic, evolving into lifelong familial ties. For example, a report by Mothership.sg highlighted a heartwarming story where a Singaporean man flew in his sister’s Filipino domestic helper of 27 years to attend her wedding. This event underscores the profound emotional bond formed over decades, illustrating how domestic helpers become integral members of the families they work with.

Another inspiring example is Ms. Maria Aida Procalla Somejo, who dedicated 28 years of service to the Choo family. Her story, featured in The Straits Times, resonates with commitment and affection, as she played a pivotal role in raising her employer’s children, demonstrating the significant impact maids can have on family life. These stories are emblematic of the dedication and love that domestic helpers bring to their roles. Recognized by the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore), Ms Somejo and other long-serving domestic workers were honoured for their contributions, a gesture that acknowledges their invaluable role in Singaporean households.

These stories of triumph and achievement highlight the invaluable contributions of domestic helpers to the families they work with. They are a testament to the strong bonds formed, the respect earned, and the significant impact these helpers have on the lives of those they serve. As one of the best maid agencies in Singapore, we at Best Housekeeper understand and celebrate these lasting bonds, recognizing the profound difference these dedicated individuals make in the lives of Singaporean families.’

Empowerment through Education and Growth

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At Best Housekeeper, our maid agency believes in empowering our maids through opportunities for education and personal growth. It’s inspiring to see many domestic helpers using their time in Singapore to learn new skills, pursue education, or even start small businesses. This not only benefits them but also adds value to the households they serve.

Our ‘Match Me’ system is designed to align the skills and aspirations of maids with the needs of families, ensuring a fulfilling work environment. It’s about creating opportunities for maids to grow, not just professionally, but personally.

Ensuring Fair Treatment and Welfare: Employers’ Responsibilities

In Singapore, employers of domestic helpers have key responsibilities to ensure their fair treatment and welfare.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore mandates several regulations for protecting domestic helpers. Notably, the medical insurance coverage for these workers has been raised to $60,000 annually starting from July 2023. This substantial increase is a response to the job demands and aims to provide better healthcare for domestic workers. Employers must also secure a $5,000 bond and provide medical and accident insurance for each domestic helper. This requirement is a safety measure to protect workers from unexpected events and emphasizes the employer’s role in creating a safe working environment.

Regarding rest days, domestic helpers in Singapore have been entitled to one weekly rest day since 2013. From 2023, employers must grant at least one non-compensable rest day per month. This policy ensures domestic workers have personal time and opportunities to socialize.

Additionally, employers are responsible for providing suitable living conditions for their helpers. According to MOM guidelines, accommodations should be safe, well-ventilated, private, and respect the helper’s modesty and privacy. For example, domestic helpers should not share a room with male adults or teenagers, safeguarding their personal space and dignity.

By adhering to these regulations and guidelines, employers in Singapore play a vital role in ensuring the rights and well-being of domestic helpers are respected and protected.


The unsung heroes of Singapore – our maids – deserve more than just our gratitude. They deserve recognition for their incredible contributions to our households and society. At Best Housekeeper, we see these wonderful women as more than helpers; they are caretakers, educators, cultural ambassadors, and so much more.

We advocate for their respect and acknowledgment in every home they grace. For families looking for a maid in Singapore, remember that you’re not just hiring help; you’re inviting a person who will contribute significantly to your home’s harmony and growth.

To all the domestic helpers in Singapore, we salute you. Your dedication, resilience, and warmth do not go unnoticed. You are the true heart of the homes you care for.

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