How to Register to Match Me service for Employers

Match Me is a tool designed for employers to indicate their preferences for their ideal helper and vice versa. Based on our matching algorithm, employers will be able to choose helpers who are most suitable for further selection and interview. The helpers will be verified by our staff before it is published in Match Me portal. The tool aims to…

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Hire Domestic Help from Best House Keeper

Why do you need to be cautious when hiring a maid? Maids are now becoming a crucial part of families. From cleaning duties to raising the kids of the house, maids are responsible for the well-being of a household. Maids are considered the backbone of households since they are the ones who ensure the smooth running of the family. A…

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Seamless Maid Hire at Best Housekeeper

Hiring a maid In this day and age where everyone is working around the clock to climb up the corporate ladder, the household often gets neglected. A neglected household is a way towards unhappiness and stress. Many are resorting to maids to help them keep their household together. From cleaning to preparing food and taking care of their kids, these…

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Trustworthy Maids from Best Housekeeper!

About Best Housekeeper Best Housekeeper is the best maid agency in Singapore. As the best maid agency in Singapore, we provide top class and highly skilled maids for fellow Singaporeans. Our success as the best maid agency in Singapore is due to the fact that we strictly adhere to our principles at all times. Our principles consist of three parts.…

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