Domestic Helpers in Singapore

According to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MoM), there are about 256 thousand domestic helpers in Singapore. Families employ a domestic helper to help them with general housework, to cook, and/or to look after the elderly, young children or family members. Domestic helpers play a crucial role in enabling dual-income families to manage.

The benefits of domestic help are without doubt far-reaching but hiring a domestic helper is a big decision. Thus, employers should be clear on their household needs and preferences before getting started. For the employment relationship to work, employers and helpers need to respect and have clear expectations of each other. Helpers leave their home country to work thereby helping and supporting families in Singapore, hence its important that employers help the helpers to adjust and adapt into the family.

According to MOM, helpers have to be between 23 to 50 years old, above 50 years old can only renew their work permit until they are 60 years old. They need to come from an approved source country, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand. Helpers need to have a minimum of 8 years of education. At Best Housekeeper, we specialise in placing out helpers from Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar.

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Indonesian Maid in Singapore

Indonesian Maids

Indonesia has more than 700 ethnic and racial groups, of which 86.1% of Indonesians are Muslims, and the rest are Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. Indonesia is the biggest source country for domestic helpers in the city-state (around 50% of foreign domestic maids in Singapore come from Indonesia). Indonesian helpers are the preferred choice for many Singaporean households.

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Filipina Maid in Singapore - Best Housekeeper

Filipino Maids

An estimated 200,000 Filipinos live and work in Singapore and actively contribute to the economic development of both the Philippines and Singapore. Approximately 60% of Filipinos in Singapore are professionals and skilled workers, while the rest are employed as household service workers. Filipino helpers have been a top choice for families in Singapore.

All helpers from the Philippines have to go through nationalised basic training from their country before their arrival in Singapore. They must undergo this training at Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). This particular training programme ensures Filipino helpers are able to perform fundamental household duties.

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Myanmar Maid in Singapore | Myanmar Maid Agency - Best Housekeeper

Myanmar Maids

Burma is a nation of many races - some 135 ethnic groups, with their own languages and dialects, make up its population of nearly 45 million. In recent years, the number of Myanmar maids serving home care needs in Singapore has grown, and it is considered one of the fastest-growing groups of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Singapore. So far, we have received good feedback from our employers who hired Myanmar helpers.

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FAQs About Hiring Domestic Helpers in Singapore

When searching for a domestic helper, prioritise experience, skills relevant to your household needs (such as childcare, elderly care, cooking, cleaning), and a good employment history. Best Housekeeper can help match you with candidates who have the qualifications that align with your requirements, ensuring a successful placement.

The process involves several steps: identifying your household needs, selecting a reputable maid agency in Singapore, reviewing potential candidates, conducting interviews, and then finalising the employment with the chosen domestic helper. Agencies like Best Housekeeper streamline this process, providing guidance and support at each step.

Employers must adhere to the Ministry of Manpower (MoM)’s regulations, which include obtaining a work permit, providing medical insurance, ensuring safe working conditions, and paying a monthly salary. A trusted domestic helper agency in Singapore ensures full compliance with these legal requirements, facilitating a smooth hiring process.

Yes, many domestic helpers in Singapore are skilled in providing care for children and the elderly. Specify your needs to your helper agency in Singapore to find a domestic helper with the relevant experience and qualifications to support your family.

Create a positive work environment by establishing clear communication, respecting their rights, providing adequate rest periods, and ensuring their living conditions are comfortable and private. Fair treatment fosters a loyal and productive relationship between employers and their domestic helpers.

While the MoM sets no fixed standard working hours, it’s essential to provide reasonable working hours for your domestic helper, including adequate rest. A typical working day might range from 8 to 12 hours, with at least one rest day per week, which is legally mandated.

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