Domestic Helpers in Singapore

There are many types of different domestic helpers in Singapore. What are the different quirks of the various domestic helpers found here in Singapore? We’ve come up with this short guide to help you make a better-informed choice when shortlisting your domestic helper! Do note these are just general observations and for a better feel of a specific helper, check with your agent!

Indonesia Domestic Helper in Singapore - Best Housekeeper
This is a common choice for most employers, helpers from Indonesia tend to be more hardworking, patient and non-confrontational, and also tend to be good cooks, and makes one of the best domestic helpers in Singapore. They are more submissive appear more obedient. Most new maids from Indonesia are also able to speak a little English and they pick up Mandarin and Hokkien quickly. This makes them favoured by the elderly, as the older generation in Singapore mainly speaks Malay and Hokkien, and their obedience makes them a stand out choice for the elderly. Nonetheless, most Indonesian helpers can also speak good English if they have worked in Singapore for a few years and their patients can make them a good candidate for childcare as well.

However, because of their innate characteristics, they tend not to speak up so if you prefer someone who is vocal and assertive, Indonesians may not be the best choice. Additionally, because of their religion, most Indonesian maids are not able to consume pork though most can handle pork.

Salary range: $550-$700

Filipino DH in Singapore - Best Housekeeper
Another popular choice for a domestic helper in Singapore among employers. Filipinos are a good choice because of their good English skills, further, they are generally better at cleaning, Given their English skills, they are also better with children, being able to interact with them, to sing songs also and play with them. They are also the preferred choice for expats given their fluency in English.

Filipinos have a more prideful nature and not as submissive as Indonesians. While the Indonesian style of cooking is closer to Singaporeans’ palate, if you take a Filipino helper, you will need to spend the time to guide them towards your cooking style.

Salary range: $570 - $750

Burmese Maid in Singapore - Best Housekeeper
Myanmar maids are extremely popular right now for a domestic helper in Singapore as they usually go for $500 for the new maids, and $550 and up for the experienced maids. Their appearance is also closer to the Chinese, which is pleasing for Chinese employers.

Unfortunately, communication tends to be a problem, with most Burmese being unable to speak English, or any other language found in Singapore for that matter. If you are looking to hire some cheaper help and are willing to put in the effort to train up your helper, then Myanmar maids might be the right choice for you.

Salary range: $500 - $600

Mizoram Helper in Singapore - Best Housekeeper
Mizoram is a race found in Myanmar and India, so Mizoram maids might come from either country. They are fast becoming popular as a domestic helper in Singapore among new employers because they ask for the same low salary as the Myanmar maids, and communication is less of a barrier because most Mizoram maids tend to have at least some basic English knowledge.

Most Mizoram maids come from the mountain areas, which leads to them having a hardier constitution, and are stronger physically, with more endurance then the other races. However, as in the case of the Myanmar maids, you need to be prepared to put in the effort to train up your helper.

Salary range: $450-$570

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