Hiring a Maid in Singapore

Looking to hire a maid? Unclear on the process or steps that you need to take in order to hire a maid? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we have compiled a handy guide to take you through the process of hiring a maid in Singapore!

Employer Requirements for Hiring a Maid in Singapore

​​Hiring a maid in Singapore involves more than just finding the right person for the job. It encompasses fulfilling certain legal and ethical obligations to ensure a lawful and fair employment relationship. Here are key requirements employers must meet when hiring a maid in Singapore, ensuring compliance with the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) regulations and promoting a healthy work environment.

  • Legal Eligibility: Must be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or expat with a valid employment or dependent pass.
  • Work Permit Application: Secure a work permit for the maid to work in Singapore legally.
  • Security Bond and Insurance: Purchase a $5,000 security bond and provide medical and personal accident insurance for the maid.
  • Fair Working Hours: Ensure reasonable working hours and provide adequate rest days.
  • Safe Living Conditions: Offer a safe, private, and comfortable living space.
  • Timely Salary Payment: Pay the maid's salary on time, in accordance with MoM regulations.
  • Settling-In Programme (SIP): Ensure new maids attend the SIP within three days of arrival, if they are first-time workers in Singapore.
  • Medical Care: Cover all medical and hospitalization expenses for the maid.
Step 1

Look for a Maid Agency

During the process of hiring a maid in Singapore, a maid agent is able to give you support for your new maid, and if you need a replacement, they are able to give it to you as well. Additionally, this is the easiest way to hire a maid because most of the application process is done by the maid agency for you. You might want to look for us, Best Housekeeper, where we have a Match Me system, to find the maid that best suits your needs!

Why Choose Us When Hiring a Maid in Singapore?

High Retention Rates Vast Placement Volume Tailored Matching Process
Our agency boasts one of the highest retention rates in the industry. This reflects our commitment to successful matches between maids and employers, ensuring long-term satisfaction and stability in your home. With a substantial volume of successful placements each year, our agency has proven expertise and a wide network. This ensures we can match you with the perfect maid to meet your needs and preferences. Our personalised matching process sets us apart. We take the time to understand our clients' needs and our maids' skills, ensuring a fit that caters to your family's unique lifestyle and requirements.
Step 2

Interview the potential helper

In every recruiting process when hiring a maid in Singapore, the interview with the potential candidate is a vital step, and especially so with your new helper because they will be with staying with you under the same roof for potentially 2 years or more. The maid agency will usually set up an interview for you, be it over a Skype call for new helpers or ex- Singapore helpers who are still in their home country, or a face to face interview with helpers who are already in Singapore, be it transfer maids who are looking for an employer in Singapore.

Here are some important questions to ask when hiring a maid in Singapore, or simply go to our Match Me system where you can indicate your requirements and see which are the maids most suited to your needs:


If you have any pets, do remember to check with your potential helper if they are comfortable with taking care of your pet.  Remember that an unhappy or unwilling helper will lead to some bad situations, so remember to find the best match for your needs.

Sleeping Conditions

You will have to check with the potential helper to see if they are comfortable with any sleeping arrangements you might have in mind for them, be it if they are sharing a room with someone else or if they are sleeping alone.

Off Days

Do ask the candidate what they expect for the number of off days they have in a week, and to see if their expectations coincide with yours. The helper will usually not have any off days for the first 6 months while they pay off their loan to you.


Some helpers possess a handphone, and this might be a cause of distraction to them while they work, so you can let them know your conditions and requirements for their handphone usage throughout the day.


You can check if the candidate has any dietary requirements (most Indonesians will not consume pork due to religious reasons), or if you have any special dietary requirements, you can let the candidate know to see if they are ok with preparing your meals.

Children or Elderly

If you have any children or elderly at home, do let the candidate know to see if they are okay with working with them, as some helpers are unable to handle children or the elderly.

Step 3

Confirm maid

Once you have found the maid that suits your requirements, confirm the maid with the agency. You will need to let them scan your IC to continue on with the application for the maid, and to pay the agency their service fee to start the application process. There are multiple documents that will require your signature for the application, so the agency will need your signature on the documents as well.

The application will take between one to eight weeks depending on the type of helpers selected, so just let your agent handle all the processes and await for your new helper.

Step 4

Pick up the maid

When the application processes are all done, the agency will call you to pick up the helper, and from there you will need to pay the helper’s placement fee, which is a loan the helper takes from you which you can dock from her salary for the first few months, depending on the arrangement you have with the helper.

While picking up the maid, you will also need to sign a declaration form, to allow for the e-issue of the helper’s work permit. After all this, you can bring the helper home to start work from there.

Step 5

Send the maid for thumbprinting

There is a final step to hiring a maid in Singapore however, and that is to send the maid for thumbprinting the Ministry of Manpower. This step is usually arranged by the agency so you will need to free up a day in your helper’s schedule to allow her to go for her thumbprinting.

Is Hiring a Maid, the Right Option for me?

When faced with deciding whether to hire a domestic helper or a part-time worker, many families in Singapore find themselves weighing various factors to determine what best meets their needs and lifestyle. Opting for a full-time maid offers unparalleled benefits, particularly for those requiring consistent, round-the-clock assistance. Whether it's caring for young children, elderly family members, or individuals with disabilities, a full-time domestic helper provides a stable and consistent presence in your home. They offer personalised care tailored to your family's routines and needs. This level of dedicated support not only ensures that household tasks are managed efficiently but also significantly reduces the stress on family members, fostering a more balanced home environment.

However, we understand the concerns that come with the decision to welcome a full-time domestic helper into your home. The financial commitment, including salary, levies, insurance, and medical expenses, is a significant consideration. While part-time workers may seem like a more cost-effective and flexible option for those with occasional or specific needs, this arrangement often lacks the consistency, reliability, and personalisation a full-time maid can offer. Part-time help might not always be available when you need them most, leading to potential scheduling conflicts and gaps in support. By hiring a maid through our agency, you will be assured that you receive the most suitable, reliable, and dedicated support, making the choice to hire a full-time maid not just a practical solution but a truly beneficial addition to your family's life.

You're all set

Congratulations on Hiring Your First Maid!

By following these steps and leveraging our expertise, hiring a maid in Singapore can be a smooth and well-guided process.