Indonesian Maids in Singapore

Indonesian Maid in Singapore

Indonesia’s population is the world’s fourth largest. Indonesia has more than 700 ethnic and racial groups, of which 90% are Malay and indigenous, 5% Chinese and 5% minority. 86.1% of Indonesians are Muslims and the rest are Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. Indonesia is the biggest source country for domestic helpers in the city-state (around 50% of foreign domestic maids in Singapore come from Indonesia). Indonesian helpers are the preferred choice for many Singaporean households.

Some of the helpers from Indonesia come with cooking experience, having done so back home. Singaporeans are very familiar with Indonesian food like nasi goreng, rendang and ayam goreng hence making it easier for helpers to adapt.

Indonesian helpers speak Bahasa Indonesia, which shares similarities with Bahasa Melayu – a commonly spoken language among older Singaporeans. Therefore, language is usually not an issue when it comes to communicating with Indonesian helpers. Occasionally we also have Indonesian helpers who speak Mandarin or Chinese dialect.

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