Singapore Maid Agency

Singapore maid agency

Hiring a maid in Singapore is difficult and tedious task, with many hurdles in the application process, especially if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the Ministry of Manpower to get your application for your maid approved. That is where maid agencies in Singapore come in. They streamline the entire maid application process, so that hiring a maid becomes a much easier process, with a much higher chance of the Ministry of Manpower approving your maid.

So what are some of the services that maid agencies provide? Firstly, they usually have a large pool of potential maids to select from, which means that you will have a better chance to find a maid that is particularly suited to your needs. The maid agency will usually give you biodatas to choose the maid that you want to interview, and from there they will set an appointment to interview the maid, be it online or over the phone if the maid is overseas, or face to face if the maid is already in Singapore.

Maid agencies are also able to ensure a higher chance of getting your maid approved as they are familiar with the Ministry of Manpower’s requirements. They usually know the factors the Ministry of Manpower considers when they approve a maid, and thus the maid agency will increase the chances of your approval to the best of their ability.

Also, maid agencies usually mediate between the employer and the maid when there are any issues between them. This will ensure that both parties will be able to have a lasting and beneficial working relationship between employer and maid.

Additionally, in the case that there really are issues that cannot be resolved between the employer and the maid, the agency can transfer the maid to another employer to find a better match for the maid, and at the same time provide the employer with a replacement maid so as to find a better fit for the employer.

The maid agency also helps the employer and the maid set up a salary schedule to ensure that the maid pays back her loan to the employer, and also ensure that the employer pays the maid after she has repaid her loan.

Lastly, if you had a happy 2 years with your maid, and want to renew her contract with you, the maid agency will just help you will all the relevant processes to let you avoid all the hassle, muss and fuss that comes with interacting with government bodies.